streaks? what are those?

I used to say my fave part of my morning routine was breakfast But now it must be said, that this special place in my heart has been taken over by doing my snapchat streaks - or as I like to put it, "blessing y'all with your daily dose of chloe xD" Typically a streak... Continue Reading →

rendition recognition

**apologies for the clickbait feature image this post has nothing to do with me singing or playing the guitar huehe** once again i have surrendered to the temptation that is procrastination by writing a blog post this one's less of a read and more of a watch/listen, bc it's purely 3 song covers which i... Continue Reading →

how to ball cheaply

a quick clarification before we begin; ball as in "prom" as in the thing where everyone dresses up and "dances" (jumps up and down) to only somewhat decent music. one thing I can confidently say as a child in my last year of high school is that if there's anything you will not be able... Continue Reading →


bienvenue mes amis // welcome my friends so i could open this blog with a grand story about how i have been dreaming of sharing content with the world for many a time now, and that i'm really excited to finally get around to it, and that y'all should be pumped to read what i... Continue Reading →

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